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Has the usaf ever released any t 37 or o 2 aircraft for civilian sale.

Air force t 37. The t 37 is a twin engine primary trainer used for teaching the fundamentals of jet aircraft operation and for flying on instruments in formation and at night. I39m working out some logistics for a movie i39d like to film and one or two of these planes could come in handy for a big scene. The a 37 was introduced during the vietnam war and remained in peacetime service afterward. With a total of 1269 cessna t 37s built the usaf retired its last t 37 in 2009.

After completing primary in the tweet students moved on to other advanced air force navy marine corps or allied trainers. It flew for more than fifty years in the united states air force as well as in the royal moroccan air force the colombian air force and the turkish air force. Air force began with a design contest in april 1952. Affectionately known as the tweety bird it was the first us.

The t 37 served as the us. The t 37 took its first flight in october of 1954 and was introduced for service in 1957. These witnessed combat action in the vietnam war 1955 1975. If so do any owners of these craft make them available for air shows film work things like that.

Current operators of the t 37 line include colombia ecuador and pakistan. Air force jet designed from conception as a trainer. The cessna a 37 dragonfly or super tweet is an american light attack aircraft developed from the t 37 tweet basic trainer in the 1960s and 1970s by cessna of wichita kansas. The t 37 is a part of the fabric of air force aviation as well as american aviation the first t 37 arrived at columbus afb in 1969 in preparation for the bases realignment from strategic air command to air training command in 1970.

The t 37 served as the us. The a 37 dragonfly also known as the super tweet of 1963 was one of its more notable offshoots 577 built to a light ground attack aircraft specification for several air services including the usaf. 1269 cessna t 37s were built with 419 still serving in the united states air force in 2006. 6 in early 1953 the cessna model 318 an all metal low wing aircraft with two turbomeca marbore ii turbojet engines was declared the winner of the competition.

Air forces primary pilot training vehicle for over 52 years after its first flight.

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