Armory V Delamirie

Delamiries apprentice appropriated the jewel through deceit and refused to return it to armory.

Armory v delamirie. It is one of the first cases that established possession as a valuable property right and as evidence of ownership. Armory plaintiff was a window sweepers child. Bare possession is sufficient title against a wrongdoer. Armory a chimney sweep boy finds a gold ring.

He took the jewel to delamirie defendant a goldsmith for purposes of appraisal. A finder of an object has a property interest which is not absolute but is sufficient to allow the finder to keep the object against all claims but those made by the rightful owner. Delamirie 1 strange 505 1722is an old english case that concerns the superiority of title of a prior possessor in the discovery of lost property. Armory sued for the return of the jewel or for its value.

Delamirie 1722 1 strange 504. Definition of armory v. The plaintiff a chimneysweepers boy having found a locket set with precious stones took it to the defendants shop a goldsmiths to know what it was worth. Armory found a jewel and brought the jewel to the delamiries defendant shop.

The jeweller offers to buy the ring minus the precious stone from armory for three halfpence. Delamirie case brief rule of law. This lawbrain entry is about a case that is commonly studied in law school. The master of the shop offered the plaintiff money and took the stones without the finders authority.

Armory v delamirie 1722 ewhc j94 1722 1 strange 505 is a famous english case on personal property law and finders rights.

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