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Ls of battleship hms rodney at sea.

Battleship shell. For standardization purposes the mark 13 was also issued to all newer battleships even though their shell handling systems could have accommodated a longer heavier projectile. The mark 8 shells gave the north carolina south dakota and iowa classes the second heaviest broadside of all battleship classes even though the north carolina and south dakota ships were treaty battleships. The hc mark 13 was originally designed for the colorado bb 45 class battleships whose shell handling system limited the maximum projectile length to about 4 calibers. The class carried the largest naval artillery ever fitted to a warship nine 460 millimetre 181 in naval guns each capable of firing 1460 kg 3220 lb shells over 42 km 26 mi.

Only the yamato class super battleships could throw more weight. It is not known whether they were ever deployed on the iowa class battleships because the us navy does not confirm or deny the presence of nuclear weapons aboard its ships. Original full video here. The shells are all for the iowa class battleships commissioned in world war ii and brought back by popular request for korea vietnam lebanon and the persian gulf wars.

This clip does not belong to me. A typical 155 mm 61 in shell weighs about 50 kg a common 203 mm 8 in shell about 100 kg a concrete demolition 203 mm 8 in shell 146 kg a 280 mm 11 in battleship shell about 300 kg and a 460 mm 18 in battleship shell over 1500 kg. Army is looking for someone to deactivate 15000 obsolete artillery shells. Two battleships of the class yamato and musashi were completed while a third was converted to an aircraft carrier during construction.

Off french coast near channel islands. The us army needs some help destroying 15000 battleship shells the us. These shells which were ammunition for the. Battleships were fairly accurate at 12000 meters tossing a few 16 shells at that range might not hit the tank but when the dirt from the explosions finally hit the ground the tank would be buried and possibly upside down.

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