Boeing 747 8 Air Force One

Boeing 747 8 the boeing vc 25 is a military version of the boeing 747 airliner modified for presidential transport and operated by the united states air force as air force one the call sign of any us.

Boeing 747 8 air force one. Boeing 747 8 selected as air force one the us. Air force said on wednesday it would use boeing cos ban commercial 747 8 airliner to replace its current fleet of two air force one presidential aircraft one of. Air force announced that it will continue the boeing tradition with the 747 8 which will replace the two 747 200s that serve as the presidential air force one fleet. In january 2015 the air force announced that new boeing 747 8s would replace the vc 25s and the long and complicated work to select and modify two of boeings largest 747 models began.

Air force usaf said on wednesday during an announcement that it has picked the boeing commercial 747 8 airliner to replace its current presidential aircraft one of the most visible symbols of the united states. Washington afns secretary of the air force deborah lee james in coordination with frank kendall the under secretary of defense for acquisition technology and logistics determined that the boeing 747 8 will serve as the next presidential aircraft commonly known as air force one. Air force one has time and again proven a modern marvel delivering a flying oval office that matches mission to engineering superiority. First of all lets have a look at the lane itself the 747 8.

In 2017 the us air force purchased a pair of new boeing 747 8 intercontinental airliners that will be become the new presidential aircraft set to enter service in 2024. Roosevelts dixie clipper and harry s. Trumans independence to todays 747 8 boeing has provided us. President donald trump said the projected cost of new air force one aircraft was too high so the us.

Air force found a way to lower it. Presidents with transportation like no other. From president franklin d. Washington reuters the us.

The emir of qatar sheikh tamim bin hamad al thani has presented a boeing 747 8 as a gift to the turkish president as a gesture of thanks and love for er.

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